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Military Initiatives

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Implementing the JLUS

In April of 2009, a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) was completed for Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, a 42,000 acre facility in central New Jersey.

A unique aspect of the study is that it was conducted during the consolidation of three separate military bases: McGuire Air Force Base, Fort Dix and Lakehurst Naval Warfare Center.

Ocean County sponsored the study in cooperation with neighboring Burlington County. At the end of the study, individual resolutions of support were received from all 13 representatives on the Policy Committee. The organizational structure was retained and renamed the Policy Implementation Committee.

Based on the success of the effort, a second grant was provided to Ocean County by the DOD Office of Economic Adjustment. Three implementation tasks were authorized: A Communication & Coordination Manual, a Transportation Mobility Study, and a Wastewater & Growth Management Study.

View 2009 JLUS Final Report

Regional Wastewater and Growth Management Plan

The Regional Wastewater and Growth Management Plan is a three phase study to address wastewater treatment concerns of four contiguous municipalities on the north side of the Joint Base. The Study includes an analysis of treatment facilities on the Base to determine if a shared service agreement is possible. Implicit in the study is the need to channel future growth away from potential encroachment areas.

Phase II and III of this Plan focuses on the selected alternative and will ultimately include final design and permitting for the recommended action.

Phase II: Joint Base Regional Wastewater & Growth Management Plan - Northwestern Municipalities Adjacent to Joint Base's Mcguire and Dix Sections

Regional Transportation Mobility Study

The Regional Transportation Mobility Study assesses current and future transportation issues within 5 miles of the Joint Base. It takes into account mission growth as well as projected population growth in the surrounding communities. At-risk intersections and road segments are identified and prioritized for inclusion into a capital improvement program.

The study involved close coordination with the two county engineering departments, as well as State and regional transportation organizations. Because the region is split by two Metropolitan Planning Areas, the study also had to merge the traffic modeling protocols of both regional planning organizations to provide acceptable results. Due to the close coordination maintained throughout the study, the recommended improvements are well suited for future funding.

REPI Activities

Both Ocean and Burlington Counties continue to work with the Department of Defense under the Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative (REPI). The program funds the acquisition of land and easements to prevent encroachments to military installations. As of October 2018, 35 properties totaling 6,227 acres were acquired or approved under this partnership. State and non-profit organizations have also participated in this effort.

In 2012 the largest and most complicated acquisition was to date was completed. The agreement was coordinated by the Trust for Public Land and involved the protection of over 1,800 acres in the Accident Potential Zones (APZ’s) of the C-17 training runway at Navy Lakehurst section of Joint Base MDL. The transaction included an outright purchase of approximately 400 acres by Ocean County which connected to the existing 219-acre Patriots County Park and Sports Complex and another 380-acre county Natural Lands Trust preserve. The remaining 1,400 acres was encumbered by a restrictive easement that prevents residential development in the future. The easement permits the current sand and gravel operation to continue and allows other non-residential development as permitted by state and local regulations.