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Airport Improvements

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Ocean County Airport was first opened in 1968. Since then, it has undergone much growth and development. In accordance with an agreement between the County of Ocean and the New Jersey Pinelands Commission, the Airport will not be expanded beyond its current boundaries, and all future improvements must conform to the original plan for the Airport dating back to the 1960s.

The Ocean County Department of Planning assumed responsibility for the administration of the Airport in the early 1990s. Since 1991, over $33 million worth of improvements have been made to the facility. Over $27 million in funding for these projects has come in the form of grants from either the Federal Aviation Administration or the New Jersey Department of Transportation – Division of Aviation.

Obstruction Removal

In accordance with FAA regulations, and in keeping with the 2012 Memorandum of Agreement between the Pinelands Commission and the County of Ocean, approximately 80 acres of vegetative obstructions were topped or removed in the vicinity of Runway 6-24. Tree crown reduction was performed in approximately 75% of the project area. Where tree removal was implemented, minimal ground disturbance occurred. This project augmented Airport safety while minimizing disruptions to wildlife habitation.

Engineering Consultant:C&S Engineers, Inc.
Contractor:Downes Tree Service, Inc.
Environmental Consultant:DuBois Environmental Consultants, LLC
Total Cost:$1,550,597
Federal Funding:$1,395,537
State Funding:$77,530

Picnic Area

Ocean County Airport’s picnic area provides an open-air environment for patrons of the Airpark to congregate and view the airfield. Designed by the Ocean County Department of Planning, the picnic area is situated on the site of the original terminal building.

Completed: March 2015

Crosswind Runway

Runway 14-32 is the first new runway to be constructed in New Jersey since 1983. This project is the result of a years-long collaborative effort on the part of the County of Ocean, the FAA, the Pinelands Commission, and other stakeholders. The 3,600 foot asphalt runway was constructed in two phases and incorporated several environmentally protective measures. These included the construction of snake habitats and the transplantation of the rare flowering plant, the Sickle-Leaved Golden Aster, away from the project area. The “Crosswind Runway” has greatly improved safety for pilots of smaller aircraft.

Contractor:C.J. Hesse, Inc.
Environmental Consultant:Amy S. Greene, Inc.
Completed:February 2014
Total Cost:$8,255,213
Federal Funding:$7,429,690
State Funding:$341,964